Staying healthy upon return

  • See your doctor on return:
    - If you have been ill during travel with more than just a brief or minor illness.
    - If you were bitten by an animal or risked catching a sexually transmitted disease during travel.
  • If you were taking malaria prevention tablets on your journey, remember to continue taking them as prescribed after leaving the malarious area.
  • Be vigilant for the symptoms of DVT (in particular pain in the calves) during and for up to a month after a long flight. If symptoms occur, see a doctor without delay or go the nearest emergency department.
  • If you develop a fever any time after being in a malarious area, see a doctor without delay.
  • If you become ill on your return, remember to tell your doctor that you have been overseas and what countries you have visited or travelled through.
  • If you are a blood donor, always tell the blood transfusion staff if you have had medical treatment overseas.


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