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Drinking safely

Many infectious diseases are transmitted by contaminated food or water.19 For travellers, the main health problem associated with contaminated food or water is Traveller’s diarrhoea.

Precautions and prevention19,50,58

  • Boil unpasteurised (raw) milk before consumption
  • Boil drinking water if its safety is doubtful; if boiling is not possible, a well-maintained filter and/or a disinfectant agent can be used. Bottled or packaged cold drinks are usually safe provided that their seals have not been broken when purchased. Hot beverages are usually safe.
  • Avoid milk, ice cream, yoghurt drinks and other milk products unless made with pasteurised (or boiled) milk.
  • Avoid ice unless it has been made from safe water.
  • Avoid brushing teeth with unsafe water.

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