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Accident and injury

The most common travel-related cause of death or serious disability is trauma, often related to traffic accidents.2 Not only is there an increased risk of motor vehicle-related injury when driving in developed countries but also the consequence of injury may be greater, due to the reduced availability and quality of emergency care. Other major causes of injury are related to watersports, like drowning or injuries to waterskiers and divers from boat propellers. 2

Precautions and prevention2
Commonsense measures can reduce the risk of a traffic accident when abroad, including:

  • Ensuring vehicle safety (ensure that tyres, windshield wipers, and brakes are in good condition and that all lights are in good working order).
  • Wearing functional seat belts whenever in a moving motor vehicle.
  • Avoiding night driving and speed.
  • Ride in the rear seats of motor vehicles, where possible.
  • Avoiding driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

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